Custom Programming

Custom sequencing for synchronized Christmas lights and various displays is our forte at Synchronized Christmas. We specialize in Light-O-Rama programming offering a seamless experience so you can focus on the creative aspects. Our unique approach ensures your display is tailored to your vision, making it stand out. Our work has been recognized internationally, including on prominent platforms like ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.” Let us elevate your display with our custom programming expertise. Reach out to bring your dream display to life!

Pricing Notice

The pricing that you see listed below is but a guide. Your programming pricing could be higher or lower depending on the exact details of your display and other factors. We offer a variety of payment options.

Regular Channel Pricing

We operate on a tiered pricing structure, based on the number of channels in your display. This pricing specifically refers to Light-O-Rama custom sequencing. (See “All Other Programming” below.) A “Channel” is defined as an output on a 16, 8 and/or 4 channel AC controller, or the output of a CMB24D operating in a non-RGB manner.

In Season” pricing begins on September 01, 2024. Any project that has not been agreed upon by both parties by August 31, 2024, will have the In Season pricing applied.

# Of ChannelsRegular Price per Second2024 In Season Pricing
1-64$2.85+ 5%
65-96$3.13+ 10%
97-128$3.49+ 10%
129-192$4.05+ 15%
193-224$4.63+ 15%
225-256$5.18+ 15%
257-511$5.72+ 15%
Over 512?Contact for PricingContact for Pricing
Timing Marks (LOR)Contact for PricingContact for Pricing

Pixel Programming

If you are requesting Light-O-Rama programming, be advised that we only program on the latest version(s) of the software. Our pricing is based on the number of Pixel based props in your display. For example, if you have 1 RGB Mega Tree, then you have 1 pixel prop. 1 RGB Mega Tree and 4 RGB arches would be 5 pixel props.

We have a two minute minimum charge on Pixel programming. Any song that is less than 2 minutes will be charged at the 2 minute rate for the Pixel portion of your programming.

Pixel Props2 Min Minimum
Regular / 2024 In Season
After 2 Min
Regular / 2024 In Season
1-8$315.60 / +15%$2.63/sec / +15%/sec
9-16$353.47 / +15%$2.95/sec / +15%/sec
17-72$395.88 / +15% $3.29/sec / +15%/sec
73-128$443.38 / +15% $3.69/sec / +15%/sec
129-256$491.25 / +15%$4.10/sec / +15%/sec
257-512$536.25 / +15% $4.46/sec / +15%/sec

All Other Programming

In addition to Light-O-Rama custom programming, we can program using other types of lighting software. Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll discuss options with you.


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